The love-hate relationship between Delhi escorts

Hi. I am Dimple, a beautiful mature housewife working as an escort in Delhi.

Hi. I am Dimple, a beautiful mature housewife working as an escort in Delhi. There is this perception among the masses about the miserable lives of escorts. I live a good life with my husband and kids in a luxurious apartment in the city. 

I earn a decent amount of money and enjoy this profession where I can choose how much to work. In this article, I would like to talk about the love-hate relationships existing among ladies in this industry. 

How other Delhi escorts treated me in the beginning

I was nervous and anxious when joining a popular escort agency operating in Delhi. I thought I would get a lot of help and support from the other girls. But I found there was a lot of jealousy and competition among the girls. I met some beautiful and sophisticated women. 

I tried to develop friendships with a few but realized that they regarded me as a rival. No one in the group provided me with the kind of support I was expecting as a new escort in Delhi. There is cut-throat competition among the girls, and no one wants to let other girls become successful in this profession. 

There are exceptions among Delhi escorts

In every industry, there are colleagues with whom one can share his feelings. I have made friends who talk to me regularly and share their happy and sad moments. It is a relief for a Delhi escort who faces all sorts of clients in this job. 

There are loving and caring men who treat you with the utmost respect and see to it that you are not hurt bodily or emotionally. They show respect towards a woman and do not abuse her even if they have paid for her company. I also come across drunkards and rich brats who take pleasure in abusing women. 

These are times when Delhi escorts like me begin to feel helpless and alone. I cannot share the pain and the agony I endure because of these customers with my friends or family members. 

Mature housewives among Delhi escorts

The trauma of abuse at the hands of rude clients is handled well by married Delhi escorts. They are aware of the compromises they need to make to carry on with their marital lives. 

In my case, I am lucky to have a husband who loves me and never abuses me. He knows I work as an escort but never uses derogatory words during a fight between us. I take refuge in his arms whenever I am feeling down and out. I know what I have gone through after working as an escort for more than five years. 

I have gained a lot of experience and share this experience with new girls coming into this profession. Young girls become frightened whenever they come across drunk rich brats who abuse and even slap them. I try to give advice to these poor girls and lift their morale so they can continue to work and get their confidence back. 


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