China Semi-Automatic Weigh Filling Machine

China Semi-Automatic Weigh Filling MachineChina Semi-Automatic Weigh Filling Machine

China Semi-Automatic Weigh Filling Machine Product Principle 1. The computer quantitative filling machine is composed of feeding system, weighing system, frame, pneumatic control, control system and unpowered raceway. 2. Feeding mode: continuous and stable feeding is required (feeding by feeding pump or hopper). 3. Filling mode: ordinary conventional filling and lifting and diving filling (according to the need to order). 4. At the end of the filling process, the frequency conversion deceleration system is used to automatically decelerate when it is close to the quantitative value to prevent overflow and ensure the accuracy. 5. Vacuum suction anti dripping filling nozzle is used to prevent material dripping. 6. The weighing system is composed of weighing bracket, sensor, weighing platform, unpowered roller and frame support. 7. In the process of use, he weighing platform is not allowed to be subjected to additional external force. Features 1. The system adopts the weighing type filling, high measuring accuracy, not affected by the material. 2. The filling valve composed of fast and slow adding can not only improve the filling speed but also improve the filling accuracy. 3. The measurement range is large, and the measurement error is between plus and minus 10 grams/barrel (based on 18 L). 4. The world famous brand of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life. 5. It is suitable for filling industrial oils such as lubricating oil, cutting fluid, gear oil, edible oil, laundry detergent, detergent, syrup, paint coating, liquid fertilizer, antifreeze, car urea, etc. Safety Precautions 1. Correct transportation, fixation and careful trial operation are the keys to ensure safe operation and prevent malfunctions. 2. During electrical work, some components often have voltages, electrical systems or equipment that endanger personal safety, and can only be operated by skilled electrical technicians themselves or trained personnel under the control and monitoring of such technicians, and must observe the corresponding electrical work regulations. 3. You should be very familiar with the location of the emergency stop button. In the event of an abnormal or emergency, you should quickly press the emergency stop button nearby to cut off the power supply and air source. The machine will stop immediately to avoid more serious damage. 4. At the end of each shift, the power switch must be turned off and the main power supply must be cut off after the shutdown, and the gas supply valve must be closed. The user should, according to the nature of the material to be filled, promptly empty the residual material in the cleaning pipeline, pump and filling head before leaving work to prevent some material liquid from freezing with air or water and causing damage to the machine. Production Parameters Model: CD-QZD weighing filling machine Power: 2.2 kw Production Capacity: 80-120 barrels Filling Error: 鈮?.2% Dimensions: 900*700*1600China Semi-Automatic Weigh Filling Machine website:


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