The Secret Healing Properties of Kokum Butter

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The Secret Healing Properties of Kokum Butter

  • Kokum Butter comes from the Garcinia indicia tree grown in India. It has a marbled yellow-brown complexion with a slight earthy scent. We present an extensive range of Kokum Butter. This oil is processed by professionals using the industry permitted ingredient, which is bought from reliable sellers of the market. Our oil is extremely used owing to its longer shelf life. In addition, this oil is also inspected on industry parameters to ensure purity.



  • Because kokum butter is hard at room temperature, it is often combined with other oils in both culinary and skincare applications. In order to blend it, you will need to melt the oil before combining it.
  • Kokum butter can be difficult to find. However, the dried kokum rind’s growing popularity as a weight loss aid could result in an increased supply of the fruit, making it easier to find in the future.



Here are some ways you can incorporate kokum butter into your beauty routine and cooking:

  • Whip kokum butter into body butter
  • Grind kokum rind (solam) and add it to curries and chutneys
  • Make kokum juice
  • Add sun-dried kokum to dishes a sour kick
  • Use kokum as a substitute for tamarind in recipes
  • Mix up a kokum shampoo



  • It is for topical applications only.


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