How to Use the Snipping tool on Mac?

Here in this blog I have shared all the information about how to use the Snipping tool on your Mac.

The Windows Snipping tool is a very useful feature that has helped numerous people in capturing any part of the screen whenever they want to use the same. A similar feature is also present on Mac which is known as Screenshot but this feature allows people to capture the entire screen and does not allow people to capture a part of the screen and this is where the snipping tool helps people and that is why there are many people who want to know about macbook snipping tool hence, here in the guide, we are going to tell you about the same so that you can easily capture a specific feature of the screen whenever you want. 

What are the methods to use the Snipping tool on your Mac?

You do not need to worry too much if you do not know how to snip on mac as there are some simple steps that you can use when you want to use the same. 

Use the Capture Tool 

You can easily use the capture tool when you want to capture a part of the screen as the capture tool can be easily used as the snipping tool for mac by the use of the keys Shift+Command+5. As soon as you press these keys, you will be able to see the capture tool on your screen where you will be able to see different options. 

These are the different five options present on your screen from left to right. 

  1. Capture the entire screen as a screenshot. 
  2. Get the screenshot of a selected window
  3. Capture a specific portion of the screen 
  4. Start the recording of the entire screen of your Mac
  5. Start the recording of a chosen part of your screen 

These are the different options you will be able to get on the screen of your Mac when you want to screenshot the screen of your Mac. 

You can simply make use of all these features when you want to catch the part of a screen whenever you want to capture any part of your Mac screen. I am sure that you have understood the process that we have explained here and if you want to know more about these options in detail then, you do not need to worry as you can simply use the website Techzeel to use the feature on your Mac to take a screenshot or snip a part of the screen. 


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