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Red eye flights are late-night flights that start late at night and land early in the morning. These flights are purposed to save money and time for the passengers. It also allows them to sleep on the flight and land with a refreshed mind at their destinations.

These are more popular among business travelers and those travelers who want to spend most of their time at their planned destination. It is also founded that these flights have lower fares and are less crowded than daytime.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of red eye flights


Saving money:

Redeye flights are cheaper than day-time flights. So, it can be considered for you to save money on your travel expenses.

Save Time:

Arriving early at the destination and having enough time to explore or to attend a business meeting, implies saving your time.

Comfortable Sleep:

Most travelers choose to sleep on the flight rather than in a hotel. They get a restful night with uninterrupted sleep.

Reduce Jet Lag:

The passenger can reduce jetlag by landing early in the morning at their destination. This will make your body fully relaxed and energetic.

Less crowded:

Red-eye flights are found less crowded than day-time flights. This offers them a more enjoyable and relaxed journey.


Less sleep time:

Less sleep time or lack of sleep is the biggest drawback of a red-eye flight. It may be hard to fall asleep during the flight, and in case you do, may not get restful sleep. Resulting, you may feel tired or dizzy after arriving at the destination.


Red-eye flights can be disrupted by noise, turbulence, and other factors, making it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Jet Lag:

May red-eye flight reduce jetlag, but it can also affect your health by changing your natural sleeping patterns.

Night-Time Disruptions:

If you cannot sleep because of light and noise, a red-eye flight would not be your best option. For takeoff or landing, the cabin lights can be turned on and there may be passengers talking, snoring, or making other noises that can disturb your sleep.

Missed Connected flights:

You may miss your connecting flight if your red-eye flight is delayed. This could lead to a longer flight time and more stress.

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