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Honing Oil Market | Size, Application, Revenue, Types, Trends in Future, Scope to 2032

Honing Oil is an emulsion or solution used to aid in the honing process. The honing process typically demands a high level of precision and extremely tight tolerances at sub-micron levels. Honing oil helps remove debris to ensure operational accuracy along with protecting the abrasive tools in the honing machine.

Honing oil is available in a wide variety of compositions and various levels of viscosity depending upon the process requirement. Although honing oil market account for a relatively small amount of the overall operational cost, the selection of the right honing oil has a significant impact on the honing process, abrasive lifecycle, and product quality.

Honing oil plays a crucial role in the honing process by reducing friction and heat, increasing productivity, and reducing cost. Honing oil can be made from both petroleum-based sources such as mineral oil and non-petroleum-based water and vegetable oils.

Mineral oil is one of the ideal candidates for honing processes owing to its lightweight and low viscosity along with its non-hardening characteristic. Water-based honing oils are mostly preferred with diamond stone sharpeners.

Honing Oil Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global Honing Oil market include:

Sunnen Products Company
Penrite Oil Company Pty Ltd
Lansky Sharpeners
GROWMARK Lubricants
Mundial Inc.
Sunbelt Lubricants
Eurol BV

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Honing Oil Market: Segmentation

Based on the Source of Origin, the global Honing Oil can be segmented into:

Petroleum Based (mineral oils)
Non-Petroleum Based
Water Based
Vegetable Oil

Based on Application, the global Honing Oil can be segmented into:

Tapping & Reaming
Other Machining

Based on the End-use Industry, the global Honing Oil can be segmented into:

General Manufacturing
Defense and Aerospace
Electronic & Electrical
Ship Building
Medical & Health Care

Honing Oil Market: Regional Overview

Rapid industrialization and urbanization across developing regions such as the Asia Pacific is expected to create lucrative growth opportunities for the growth of honing oil market during the forecast period. Moreover increasing manufacturing capabilities along with shifting the production base of major manufacturing giants to countries such as India, China, and Indonesia to gain economic benefits and government support through favorable policies and initiatives is expected to support the growth of honing oil market during the forecast period.



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