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Ferro Aluminum Market- New Technological Development Projecting Massive Growth till 2032

Ferro aluminum manufacturing process involves the production of aluminum from synthetic cryolite or bauxite. Ferro aluminum is produced by combining iron with aluminum. The manufacturing process of ferro aluminum is highly energy intensive in nature. Ferro aluminum requires a large amount of electricity during its manufacturing process.

The processed aluminum is then further transformed into aluminum oxide by using Bayer’s process through electrolysis. The resulting aluminum oxide is then mixed with iron oxide at extremely high temperatures. Ferro aluminum is further purified to make it available in several grades. Though ferroalloy contains about 65% of aluminum alloy, it exhibits the properties of about 40% alloy in terms of density.

Pure ferro aluminum usually contains aluminum in the range of 30% and 75%. Ferro aluminum is usually supplied in granular, powder, or in pieces of different sizes. Ferro aluminum is primarily used as a de-oxidation agent for the steel manufacturing process. Ferro aluminum is also used for molding applications in combination with carbon steel and carbon steel.

Ferro aluminum is stable at room temperature however; it burns at extremely intense exothermic reactions. Applications of ferro aluminum differ with the aluminum content in the alloy. Ferro aluminum is widely used as a major deoxidizing agent.

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Asia Pacific is the largest consumer of ferro aluminum. The demand for ferro aluminum is expected to grow rapidly in Europe owing to the presence of large automobile industry in the region. North America is expected to experience sluggish growth in the demand for ferro aluminum market.

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group, Tremond Metals Corp., Core Metals Group, Gulf Chemical and Metallurgical Corporation, Bear Metallurgical Company, and Hickman, Williams & Companies are some of the major participants in ferro aluminum market.

The companies are mainly focused on increasing their production capacities to achieve economies of scale and thus, in turn, achieve competitive advantage. The companies mainly strive to capture a larger market share in the market.

Key Segments Covered in the Ferro Aluminium Market Report


Pure Ferro Aluminium Alloy
Ferro Aluminium Alloy Mixture


Ferro Aluminium for the Automobile Industry
Ferro Aluminium for Machinery Manufacturing
Ferro Aluminium for the Fireworks Industry
Ferro Aluminium for Other Applications


North America
Latin America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Middle East & Africa



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