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Nutraceuticals for sale Brief Introduction Vitamin b3 niacinamide powder, also called niacinamide, is an essential for maintaining good blood circulation and healthy skin. It helps nerve tissue perform normal physiological functions. In addition, the metabolism of sugars, fats, proteins and the production of hydrochloric acid are also inseparable from B3. It is involved in the synthesis of bile and **** hormones in gastric juice, which can reduce cholesterol and improve blood circulation. It also helps promoting digestive health and improving gastrointestinal dysfunction and diarrhea. Schizophrenia, memory improvement and treatment for mental illness are also helpful. Product Description Product NameVitamin b3 niacinamide powder AppearanceWhite crystalline powder Molecular FormulaC6H6N2O Molecular Weight122.13 Shelf Life2 Years StorageCool dry place Analysis ItemSpecificationResults AppearanceWhite crystal powderComplies Assay(HPLC)99.5%~101.0%99.8% Loss on Drying鈮?.0%2.14% Ash Content鈮?.0%3.06% Melting Range234.0鈩儈238.0鈩?/td>235.5鈩儈236.5鈩?/td> Chloride(CI)鈮?%锛?% Heavy Metal鈮?0ppm锛?0ppm Pb鈮?ppm锛?ppm As鈮?ppm锛?ppm Residue on Ignition鈮?.1%0.03% Microbiology Total Plate Count鈮?000cfu/gComplies Yeast&Molds鈮?00cfu/gComplies Function 1. Nicotinamide promotes the growth of livestock and poultry, increases the egg production and hatching rate, and ensures the features are well developed; 2. It is used in combination with other drugs to treat various mucosal and inflammations and ulcers; 3. Vitamin b3 niacinamide powder is used in the basic cream system of cosmetics in an amount of 2%, which can achieve whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. It is used in hair care products to stimulate hair follicles, improved blood circulation of hair follicles and prevented hair loss. Application 1. Applied in food field; 2. Applied in feed additive; 3. Applied in cosmetic field; 4. Applied in pharmaceutical field. Packaging 1-5kg6-24kgMore than 25kg Packed in foil bagPacked in paper cartonPacked in paper drum Delivery Shipping Terms By ExpressBy AirBy Sea Suitable for under 50kg Fast: 3-7 days High cost Door to door service Easy to pick up the goodsSuitable for more than 50kg Fast: 3-5 days High cost Port to port service Professional broker neededSuitable for more than 50kg Fast: 7-10days Low cost Port to port service Professional broker neededNutraceuticals for sale website:http://www.dongaobiotech.com/m....edical-raw-materials