Delta Airlines Student Discounts
Delta Airlines Student Discounts Jan 25

Delta Airlines Student Discounts

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Delta Air Lines and Student Universe have partnered to bring you the best student airfare discounts. Study abroad, vacation, school/home - whatever the reason for your trip, Delta and StudentUniverse will get you there. Delta and its partners fly more than 5,400 flights a day and have an extensive network that covers 319 destinations in more than 54 countries.Delta Air LinesAll airlines have their own terms and conditions regarding student discounts. Consider flight deals on flights that suit you when you want to book to your destination, and then see if a student discount is available.Most of these flights are very useful for students looking for international flight deals. Delta's student discount flights are combined with Virgin Atlantic flights to offer many options for guaranteed flights at very affordable prices to London, Manchester, USA or Edinburgh.Delta offers 40 return flights between the UK and North America within a day since its merger with Virgin. In addition, Delta flights connect with Alitalia and Air France-KLM, offering direct access to the world's largest transatlantic network.

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